ReCon Retaining Walls

ReCon Retaining Walls are a high performance retaining wall system with the look, scale and durability of massive natural stone. ReCon precast retaining walls are fast becoming the product of choice for a wide variety of commercial, residential, and institutional retaining walls and demanding water applications.

- Critical, substantial retaining walls must perform to high standards and the demands of difficult terrain.

- A retaining wall system needs to be versatile and flexible in order to accommodate the unique needs of each particular project site.

- Retaining walls should enhance the aesthetics of the natural surroundings and add value to a property.

Versatility, flexibility, performance and pleasing aesthetics are designed into the ReCon “Series 50” retaining wall product line. We have the capability to manufacture a number of different retaining wall shapes and sizes from each of the basic form types. This efficiency in the manufacturing process translates into ease of construction for the contractors that install ReCon products. In addition, retaining wall design engineers can take advantage of this flexibility to produce a more efficient and economical engineered wall design.

Check out the Retaining Wall Shapes and Retaining Wall Textures pages to learn more about the ReCon “Series 50” products. Also, check our our ReCon Downloads section to download specifications, details, and other valuable assets regarding our Recon product.

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