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Quality Control is a critical aspect of the precast industry. We have a very experienced and qualified team in place to ensure all products we manufacture meet or exceed the design specifications - both structurally and for aesthetic quality. In 2014, we invested into our Quality Department by building a new Quality Control Building - and more specifically purchasing state of the art testing equipment. Our Quality Control Lab is capable of testing fresh and hardened concrete in accordance to ASTM Standards C31; C39; C138; C143; C231; C1064; C1231; and C1611.

Our Quality Department personnel are held to the highest requirements and certifications possible, meeting both the American Concrete Industry (ACI) and Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI) certifications. With a qualified, certified, and dedicated team in place - we are able to ensure all products meet or exceed your expectations as our customer.

Our Quality Department personnel are trained thoroughly and maintain a high standard of integrity. We currently have two (2) PCI Level 3 Certified Technicians, one (1) PCI Level 2 Certified Technician, and certifications with ACI in Field Testing, Strength Testing, and Aggregate Testing. We are capable of performing a great many tasks competently and confidently.