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The granddaddy of all block. Our V-Interlock block system has been used for years in the industry as the go-to block for straight-forward, get-it-done-now applications. These blocks are perfect - and most commonly used - for industrial applications such as divider bins, product bays, industrial x-ray applications, military blast walls, and more. They are also widely used for retaining wall projects where anesthetics are not important.

With the wide variety of sizes available, we can manufacture our V-Interlock block system to fit your project requirements.

The greatest advantage of  our V-Interlock Block System is the way that it connects with adjacent block units. This is accomplished by a raised "male" V notch that runs along the top of the block and down one side of the block, while an inner "female" V notch runs along the bottom of the block and up the adjacent side of the block. Our V-Interlock block system is the only system to interlock on all four sides - making it the most stable, secure, and connected when compared to other systems on the market.

Also, if needed, we can provide a custom formliner to the face of the block. These durable urethane liners are placed on the bottom of the form and create the custom pattern on the front of our blocks. We can provide any texture, so the options are endless.

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Interested in learning how our V-Interlock Block System can help you organize your materials, provide a safety barrier between hazardous areas, or another type of endless applications for our V-Interlock product?

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