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We are honored to be a manufacturer of CON/SPAN and BEBO Precast Bridge Systems by Contech Engineered Solutions. With proven ease of installation and long-term durability, these bridge systems provide you with a variety of shapes, sizes and treatments for spans from 5' to 102' ensuring a perfect fit for any type of project. The inherent strength, durability, cost-savings, and rapid installation of precast concrete bridges have made them the premier bridge technology in the world.

Prefabricated, modular concrete bridges require less material than cast-in-place structures, for a lower initial cost. Off-site fabrication ensures tight adherence to specs, less on-site work, and quality control of the modular units. Installation is fast — usually within days, compared to the weeks or even months required for cast-in-place construction. This minimizes road closings and detours. Precast concrete eliminates the costly maintenance of exposed bridge decks and bridge deck icing. Prefabricated bridge components ensure a long life cycle and low life cycle costs, requiring virtually no maintenance.

We are an approved Oklahoma Department of Transportation manufacturer for Contech in Oklahoma. Further, the Contech CON/SPAN and BEBO are approved by most DOT's and municipalities accross the nation.

These precast bridge systems are an excellent alternative to standard reinforced concrete box culverts, especially when aesthetics, environmental concerns, and cost effectiveness are driving factors in your design. By incorporating a precast arch bridge into your project, your finished product will easily meet tight construction schedules with little to no weather delays, resulting in owner and contractor satisfaction.

If you have a project where you would like to utilize a Contech precast arch structure, please contact one of our knowledgeable sales team members.


Conspan Bridge SystemConspan O-SeriesBEBO Bridge System


Precast Arch Project Highlights

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