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Our precast Double-Tee Bridge System can be a smart choice for bridges requiring up to 80' clear spans. All the benefits of a precast superstructure are included, as these are plant manufactured components that meet the highest quality control standards and utilize a wet-cast air entrained concrete mix design that is engineered to meet AASHTO LFRD loading design criteria.

Another benefit of using our precast Double-Tee Bridge System is that we are able to manufacture these components during inclimiate weather, and you are able to continue erecting your project during inclimate weather. This ensures your project is completed on time and within budget; a fast track construction process. The great features of using our Double-Tee Bridge System is that it is manufactured out of precast concrete and the components will not rust, rot or burn, and will outlast most other building materials on the market - including wood and steel.

A precast bridge system is a sensible, cost effective, and sustainable choice for engineers and specifiers. In addition to these very desirable attributes, our double-tee elements can incorporate a thickened deck, providing the driving surface upon delivery which eliminates the need for a cast-in-place topping or wearing surface.

We can produce these elements in 8' widths and in prestressed lengths up to 80'.

Precast Bridge Project Highlights

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