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Our Precast Duct Bank System is one of a kind - increasing safety and productivity while also saving you time and money on your projects. We have four standard configurations, but can provide custom configurations for any project upon request. We service all states and license manufacturers on a national level to manufacture our Precast Duct Bank System in local markets.

Precast Duct Bank Benefits

  • 01Promotes safety
  • 02Reduces workers time in the trench, thus reducing the potential for accidents because of cave-ins
  • 03Same day excavation
  • 04Cost effective
  • 05Removes variable costs relating to concrete over-runs and labor
  • 06No over excavation
  • 07Install in less time
  • 08No downtime waiting on concrete trucks or pump trucks
  • 09No re-excavation or pipe wastes because of cave-ins
  • 10Installs in wet and cold conditions
  • 11Works great with trench boxes
  • 12Pipe is consistently level
  • 13Pipe is equally encased

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Are you interested to see what value our precast duct bank system can provide on your project? Are you a precaster and inquiring about becoming a licensee of our system? If so, connect with one of our sales representatives to learn more.

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