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Precast wall panels are a excellent option for projects such as building structures, parking garages, commercial buildings, institutional facilities, military facilities, and much more. Our team is experienced and can produce a wide variety of structural, non-structural, insulated, non-insulated, precast concrete wall panels. In addition to standard wall panels, we can also produce precast cladding.

We specialize in manufacturing precast Hollow Core at our manufacturing facility. Hollow Core is a pre-molded, prestressed concrete building component that has many benefits. Due to the beneficial design properties which make this product lightweight, Hollow Core is well suited to be used as a floor or roof deck component for building construction. Hollow Core adds structural stability and reduced weight, therefore reducing costs on your project. The result is a sound resistant, fire rated, low maintenance system with long spans and shallow depths.

Precast Double-Tee elements are most commonly used for parking garage decks, roof structures, floor structures, FEMA safe rooms, and bridge structures. We manufacture a variety of spans to meet your project requirements. Precast Double-Tees offer many benefits, including: fire resistance, erection speed, and high overall value when compared to a cast-in-place alternative.

Precast risers are used to support seating in stadiums, arenas, theaters and various types of grandstands. These elements can provide fast erection times and substantial cost savings during construction. Risers are typically manufactured as a single or double unit with heights to satisfy sight lines in the venue.

One of the precast components that we have pride ourselves in making - and making well - are precast concrete stairs. These units are extremely complex due to the rise, run, and overall layout to ensure it fits perfectly. Precast stairs are using in any application where a stair tower or individual steps are required. By utilizing precast stairs on your project, you will quickly recognize the significant benefits that these elements can provide.

Precast spandrels can be used as cladding on building construction such as parking garages, office buildings, pedestrian bridges, and other vertical construction. In addition, they can be structural components to support double tees, hollow core planks, or flat slabs.

Precast Beams are generally a structural component. They can be rectangular, L shaped (possibly part of a spandrel), or an inverted tee shape. They are typically used to support deck products such as our double tees, hollow core planks, and solid slabs. They can be conventionally reinforced or prestressed depending on the spans and loading conditions required.

Precast Columns are used to support beams and spandrels in most applications. They are manufactured in specific design lengths to handle both single story and multi-level structures. Columns are manufactured in a horizontal position and poured in a manner to support architectural and structural requirements.

Flat Slabs can be used for a variety of structural designs like structural deck components, precast bridge decking for highway projects, FEMA safe rooms, and more. We can produce flat slabs using either conventional reinforcing or prestressing strands. We have the ability to cast flat slabs up to 14' wide and over 40' long with a variety of thicknesses. These precast elements can be used for many applications and have been used by Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) bridge decking.