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We specialize in manufacturing precast Hollow Core at our manufacturing facility. Hollow Core is a pre-molded, prestressed concrete building component that has many benefits. Due to the beneficial design properties which make this product lightweight, Hollow Core is well suited to be used as a floor or roof deck component for building construction. Hollow Core adds structural stability and reduced weight, therefore reducing costs on your project. The result is a sound resistant, fire rated, low maintenance system with long spans and shallow depths.

Hollow Core has been and can be used on projects like: hotels, multi-family dwellings, warehouses, office buildings, schools, arenas, airport terminals, treatment plants, sound walls, correctional facilities, and many other custom applications. We are one of the few manufacturers that produce a standard Hollow Core Plank width of 8' wide. We can also provide custom widths as needed, but the benefits of utilizing an 8' wide Hollow Core Plank versus the more traditional width of 4' is that our costs are less to manufacture the product because we produce more square footage per pour reducing labor which allows us to pass on this savings to you as our customer. Further, the 8' width also significantly reduces the erection time of your project by eliminating almost 50% of the required "picks" and in turn saves time and money on the project.

We are able to produce both 8" and 10" thick Hollow Core Planks at 8' wide (custom widths available as required per design) and with lengths spanning over 40'.


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