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The timeless look of stone complements any surrounding and Verti-Crete has a striking selection of realistic designs to fit any project. Our custom molded textures are so realistic that every detail of the natural stone is visible throughout the entire product. All the precast components - columns and panels - are vertically casted which allow us to provide beautiful aesthetics on both sides of the wall. in addition, our custom molded formliners are designed to create seamless stone patterns that will wrap around every column.

By manufacturing Verti-Crete vertically, the quality and aesthetics outperform all traditionally cast methods. This dramatically improves the product quality and functionality, while reducing production and installation costs. The finished product is a molded stone pattern on both sides of the wall, with the look and feel of a real masonry wall, but at a fraction of the cost.

Beauty aside, Verti-Crete products are more durable than wood, vinyl, brick or masonry block walls. The seamless solid-panel design provides structural strength and integrity that will last for decades. Moreover, our wall system can be engineered to meet building code requirements and are approved for use by most municipalities and transportation departments (including the Oklahoma Department of Transportation). With the more recent seismic concerns and also tornado wind loads, our Verti-Crete wall system is designed to endure the harshest conditions and a broad range of climates. With the aesthetic appeal, structural integrity, and cost-effectiveness of this product, Verti-Crete walls are an ideal choice for your next project!


Key Benefits and Features

  • 01A Simple and quick installation
  • 02Standard or custom formliner finish on all exposed face
  • 03Fast lead times, with up to 16 panels manufactured per day
  • 04Aesthetically pleasing
  • 05Monolithic panels up to 10’ tall and columns up to 12’ tall
  • 06Can achieve wall heights up to 20’
  • 07No continuous footings required
  • 08Field applied paint or stain finish to match project site
  • 09Manufactured using wet-cast concrete
  • 10Meets the most stringent quality control standards during production and post-production

Verti-Crete Installation

One of the most import aspects of our Verti-Crete wall system that both installers and our customers like most is the quick and efficient installation. Our Verti-Crete Wall System is installed on 24" drilled shaft footings at various depths per our engineered design, which contributes to the strength of the wall. Further, these drilled shafts minimally impact the installation area, allowing Verti-Crete to be installed within landscaped areas with minimal disruption and damage to the surrounding environment. We deliver the precast panels, columns, and caps to the project completed and ready to be installed. This allows us to install and stain your project in a matter of days, not weeks. There is no oversized equipment, no on-going construction, and no hassle. Our system provides minimal disruption or damage to your project.

Consider Verti-Crete For

  • Commercial and Residential Screen Walls
  • Sound Walls
  • Sub-station Enclosures
  • The ease of construction, associated with big block machine set installation.
  • Earth Retaining Walls
  • Dumpster Enclosures
  • Mailbox Posts and Horse or Ranch Fencing


Verti-Crete Quality

Our Verti-Crete precast components are manufactured in a controlled environment and are upheld to the highest quality control standards in the industry. We take pride in the quality of our products and have stringent quality control procedures and tracking procedures in place to ensure your product is manufactured to the highest standards. You can learn more about our quality control procedures below.

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Verti-Crete Project Highlights

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