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Our EarthBloxx Living Retaining Wall System increases the environmental performance of healthy plants living in and covering an engineered structure. A task of this magnitude is not completed simply by delivering parts and pieces. Before the Living Retaining Wall System can be delivered, we provide assistance with the engineering, drawings, and specification of the product to simplify the design process.

Then, to complete the turnkey service, fully-installed packages with several options to fit any project needs are offered, with a one-year service guarantee.

With our EarthBloxx System, a product is provided to the end-user with “mature” Living Walls, which is achieved by being committed to the entire life cycle of these plant-based building systems. You receive the beauty, strength, and sustainability – guaranteed. Because EarthBloxx Living Retaining Walls are priced well below the highest-cost systems and are optimized to achieve successful grow-out every time - our system is ideal for any green retaining wall solution and can integrate well into any LEED projects.

Key Benefits and Features

  • 01Module Dimension: 20” width x 15” depth x 8” height.
  • 02Reintroducing Green Space into Urban Areas
  • 03Air Quality Improvement
  • 04Aesthetically pleasing
  • 05Temperature Moderation
  • 06Reduction of Urban Heat Island Effect
  • 07Potential Habitats
  • 08Energy Savings
  • 09Enhanced Visual Aesthetic
  • 10Noise Reduction
The beauty and sustainability of EarthBloxx Living Retaining Walls emanates from healthy plants thriving in the modules to become the visible surface of the completed system. Full wall coverage is achieved in about one year. Through our complete system, maximum aesthetic and environmental benefits are achieved, while successfully meeting client expectations!


Key Benefits and Features

  • Retained wall heights up to 50’.
  • Open module back end for root growth and moisture control.
  • Designed to disappear behind vegetation.
  • Large pocket for maximum growth media volume.
  • Manufactured using wet-cast concrete.
  • Provides structural retention along slopes at 50 to 70 degrees.
  • Innovative EarthBloxx block design ensures healthy plants and a long-lasting wall.
  • Mechanical connection to reinforcement straps for added strength.
  • Uses fewer blocks and 50% less concrete than traditional segmented retaining walls.
  • Versatile vegetation options available, ranging from grasses and succulents, to beneficial natives and edibles.
  • Optional drip irrigation easily integrates into the wall.


Retaining Wall Project Highlights

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