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Our ReCon Retaining Wall System is an industry leading retaining wall system, offering an aesthetically pleasing and structurally superior retaining wall solution. By combining a cost-effective installation with a time-tested product, this wall system outshines most other wall solutions. We currently manufacture the Northshore Granite and Weathered Edge texturs, but additional textures can be provided upon request. There are a standard of five (5) formliner textures, providing you with a variety of options to fit your project's aesthetic requirements.
Our ReCon Retaining Wall Block System is manufactured with wet-cast concrete (rather than dry-cast), which provides a complete engineered precast block solution with a 100-year design life. However, just manufacturing a great retaining wall product is not enough for us. Engineered design, specifications, drawings, and installation assistance are also part of our package. Because grade separation issues are prevalent on most sites, ReCon is an easy solution for you or to address your client’s needs. Compared to cast-in-place or other wall options, our ReCon Retaining Wall System is more cost-effective and faster to install due to the design of our system. Because ReCon blocks are manufactured in 9" depth increments and can extend up to 120” deep, we are able to achieve gravity wall design heights up to 22’ in height. With a mechanically stabilized ReCon Wall (using geogrid), heights in excess of 22' can be constructed. Our ReCon Retaining Wall System provides a high performance retaining wall system with the look, scale and durability of massive natural stone.Applications for ReCon

Benefits of ReCon

  • The long term durability of wet-cast air-entrained concrete, especially in environmental where there are road salts, brackish water, and / or freezing and thawing.
  • Tall gravity retaining walls where the wall is being built as a cut into the side of an existing embankment.
  • Pleasing anesthetics, given both the natural stone texture that ReCon has become noted for and the range of textures which Arrowhead offers its customers (Granite, Limestone, Rustic, Weathered Edge, and Old World).
  • The ease of construction, associated with big block machine set installation.
  • Wall design solutions for complex grade separation issues utilizing the many capabilities of this big block retaining wall system.

ReCon Wall Typical Designs

Below are some of the typical design scenarios when utilizing our ReCon Retaining Wall Block system. Typically, a gravity wall is utilized on cut-wall applications and reduces the cut required for installation of the block. In fill-wall situations, either a gravity wall or geogrid wall design could be used, and depends on the requirements of the site.

ReCon Gravity Wall Design

Applications for ReCon

  • 01City, State, and Military Projects
  • 02Demanding Water Applications
  • 03Drainage Channels
  • 04Sea Walls
  • 05Walls Adjacent to Property Lines or City Easements
  • 06Bridge Abutments
  • 07Gravity Walls up to 22’ in height

ReCon Wall Texture Options

We currently manufacture both the Weather Edge and Northshore Granite textures, but can provide the additional textures to fit your aesthetic requirements. Included below are the five (5) texture options currently available.
Weathered Edge
Weathered Edge Texture
Northshore Granite
Northshore Granite Texture
Rustic Texture
Lasuer Limestone
Lasuer Limestone Texture
Old World
Old World Texture

Retaining Wall Specifiers

At Arrowhead, we recognize the importance of providing the information and tools that allow specifying architects and engineers to understand the aesthetics, features, functions and capabilities of the ReCon Retaining Wall System and then to communicate their desires with clear specification templates and construction details.

In addition, we know that proper design of a precast concrete modular block retaining wall is a critical step in the completion of a successful retaining wall. A final design prepared and stamped by a licensed professional is required on most commercial and governmental projects. Many municipalities require professionally prepared wall designs when they exceed certain heights as dictated by local building codes or when they are considered “critical” in their use or application. ReCon has conducted the required testing and can provide engineers with the information they need to design walls in accordance with current accepted design standards.

Retaining Wall Project Highlights

Interested in viewing other projects that utilized our ReCon Wall System - or other precast retaining wall solutions? Take a look at our portfolio for additional projects and information.

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